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Top 10 Best Beginner RC Cars

Confiscating into RC is an exciting and thrilling experience. Here are my top 10 car recommendations for Beginner or Advanced RC enthusiasts wanting to grow and learn their hobby.

1 The Traxxas Bandit VXL

(a personal favorite) The RC is a strong well-balanced buggy with offroad tires, its best used on a loose track like dirt and performs very well on the street. equally important this car is similar to a hybrid because you can go from shredding on park trails to being on the road fairly quickly in just a few minutes of changing into the street tires.


  • Decent speed/handling
  • Great acceleration
  • Fun to clean
  • Long run time 20 to 30 minutes
  • Easy to find parts on Amazon or Traxxas


  • Hard to jump
  • Fragile
  • Performance is not great in tall grass
  • More expensive

2 The Traxxas Rustler XL-5

The Old but Gold Rustler is a Confident stadium truck with a powerful brushed motor eager to tear the grounds of the earth. This truck is universal and functions well on all terrains, This RC along with the Erevo is known to be great at acrobatics (easy to do flips and jumps).


  • Superb Handling On/Offroad
  • Great for Jumping
  • Inexpensive/cheap to fix
  • Easy to work on/upgrade


  • Poor braking
  • Fishy Handling at high speeds
  • 2 wheel drive


3 HPI Jumpshot ST V2

Crisp racing body and smooth low profile tires, This RC is optimized with a 12 turn 550 motor tuned precisely to reach quick acceleration and high top speeds. Rivaling against this RC is the Traxxas Stampede, its a similar truck only higher ground clearance, and stronger parts; too summarize, this RC is perfect novices and light bashers.


  • Handling is Phenomenal
  • Evenly Balanced
  • Good starter RC


  • Hard to find parts
  • Not enough Upgrades
  • Plastic Differential Gear is fragile


4 Traxxas Slash 2wd

” one of a kind sturdy steed that is almost unbreakable.”

The Core –

  • Traxxas 4-amp DC Peak Detecting Fast Charger
  • 8.4V 3000mAh Power Cell NiMH Battery with iD®
  • Titan® 12-Turn 550 modified motor
  • XL-5 waterproof electronic speed control
  • Water-sealed receiver box and steering servo
  • Metal gear Magnum 272™ transmission
  • Torque-Control™ slipper clutch
  • Adjustable steel turnbuckles with captured rod ends
  • The tires are mounted on satin-finish 2.2″ Slash wheels
  • Included optional 23-tooth pinion gear


  • Lenient towards heavy bashing
  • Easy to find Parts/Upgrade
  • Great for Beginners/ Rigid Design
  • Fun to Drive!
  • Looks Good!


  • High Centered Gravity/ Rollovers
  • Basic Vxl ESC
  • Unsealed Differential
  • Caster Block parts are fragile


5 Redcat Racing Shredder XTE

Fierce right out of the box is the Shredder XTE, this RC is a great choice whether you are a passion-driven expert or new to the world of RC. Main details: offroad Truggy style, Adjustable ride height, Tunable suspension, Adjustable toe, and camber angle. XTE is no easy machine to move, The core of this RC is powered by a High torque 1300kv Brushless motor along with its partner Hobbywing 80Amp 4s Waterproof ESC


  • High Torque 1300Kv Bry
  • Cooling fan to regulate ESC Temp
  • Strong Waterproof Servos/ Metal Gears
  • Best Value (1/6th scale, 4wd monster truck for only $360)
  • Well Balanced/Sturdy


  • Parts damage at high jumps
  • Landing isn’t good/ Shocks bottom out
  • Heavy
  • The stock servo needs improvements
  • Parts are pricey


6 Xinlehong 1/10 Sprint 4WD Truck

Rugged from the start, the 1/10 Sprint Truck from Xinlehong, is a great start for anyone with a tight budget or novice RC drivers. This Monster truck is full of goodies. identically, If offroad bashing and dirt jumps strike your ballpark then this RC is perfect for you. Down below is a blueprint of Specs to help inform you if this RC works for you!!!


  • IPX4 Level Waterproofing
  • 7.4v LiPo Battery
  • Twin 380 Sized Brushed Motors
  • 4WD Drivetrain
  • USB Charger
  • 2.4Ghz Radio Control
  • Steel Drive Components
  • Ball Bearings
  • Replaceable Parts
  • Fully Proportional Controls
  • Independent Suspension
  • Easy to Use
  • Decent Speed – 34 Mph or 46kph
  • Dual Rear Shocks
  • Overheating Protection


  • Solid 15m Run Time
  • Part Availability Amazon & GPtoys
  • Affordable Price
  • Skill Level Beginner


  • No oil-filled shocks
  • Brushed Motors
  • No upgrade parts available
  • USB Charger ( no 240 wall plug)


7 Redcat Lightning EPX Drift

Next on the assembly line is the Redcat Lightning EPX Drift, a slick compact RC with the iconic 27T 540 brushed motor and the precise drift select tires allow the EPX to wind around corners with tuned ascendancy, and smooth handling. The lightweight Chassis allows fast drift recovery, without sacrificing immense change in direction. The ESC comes with forward and reverse transmission, allows easy maneuver in odd situations, Key parts for drifting requires tightly tuned shocks, Lighting has Aluminum capped oil filled shocks with selectable mounting positions, adjustable 4-wheel independent suspension, ride height, Toe Angle/Camber: providing drivers with tools needed to tune for all drivings styles and tracks.

  • Pros
    • Unique Drift Abilities
    • Top Speed 26 Mph
    • Solid 15 to 20 minutes
  • Cons
    • Low Traction, difficult handling
    • Charging battery is slow


8 Redcat Racing Tornado EPX PRO Buggy

Might appears to be just another RC, but not this rugged machine. After all The Redcat Racing Tornado EPX is a Rigid RC that zooms right past obstacles: as well as, its rear spoiler helps to stabilize the RC at high Speeds and tight corners.

The majority of RC manufacturers inscribe plastic parts to be the primary component of their product; particularly after continuous Bashing, the RC parts become brittle and snap after high jumps. On the EPX the main components, Suspension, Drivetrain, Shock Towers are all-aluminum. Ultimately, this allows for a longer lifespan and more fun on the wild terrain of the earth.

Key Features:

  • Brushless Electric Tornado
  • EPX PRO Buggy
  • 2.4G Hz Radio
  • Durable plastic body
  • Vehicle Battery & Charger Included


  • Brand Redcat Racing
  • Model (TORNADOEPPRO-94107PRO-BS)
  • 7.25 pounds
  • Pros
    • Aluminum/Carbon Fiber parts available to dress it up
    • Sturdy Build
    • Easy to Control
    • Best RC for the Value ( Brushless, Aluminium parts, 4WD )
    • Perfect Starter RC for the Budget Minded
  • Cons
    • Stock Battery is underpowered
    • Charger is slow
    • Aluminum shock towers break after hard bashing ( Get RPM Parts )
    • Part availability is hard to find locally


9 HSP RC4 Rock Crawler

Advancing in RC leads to greater challenges while conquering new heights, The best RC for this while keeping the cost down is the HSP RC4 Rock Crawler. Its specialty is geared towards slow trails, hill climbing, and just about anything off-road. in essence, This to say the RC4 is unique Because it has pre-installed headlights and tail lights Since the lights are mounted inside the bumpers, This means no more unplugging wires when you take the shell off. overall, Another key upgrade to the RC is the Aluminum Steering Hubs, These parts may seem petite, but they are vital in keeping your machine Stable around winding turns and strong with towering jumps. Here is a list of what makes this beast!!!

  • Max Lipo 2S (7.4)
  • Size 1/10th
  • Skill Level Beginner
  • Hi-Torque 370 Brushed Motor
  • Chassis Type Rock Crawler
  • Off-Road only
  • Drive train 4-WD
  • Battery Connector -Deans
  • Front/Rear shock oil – 32.5
  • Wheel Hex Size – 12mm
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Universal Driveshafts
  • Locked Front/Rear Differentials
  • Super Soft Tyres
  • Long Travel Suspension
  • Pros
    • Great for New Rock Crawlers
    • Easy to Order replacement parts
    • 30 Minute playtime
  • Cons
    • Steering Servo needs Improvement
    • ESC overheats on difficult Terrain
    • Fragile RC


10 Exceed RC 1/10 Rally Off-road Truck

In this paragraph, we explore the Exceed Rally Truck, First of all, it’s a sturdy RC that comes with RTR, along with 4 wheel drive transmission. The next piece to the pie is the heavy-duty independent suspension consisting of four oil-filled ABC plastic cylinders with water-sealed silicone oil and strong adjustable suspension. Likewise, Another key component to this truck is the A-Arms they keep the truck from bottoming out on wide-ranging jumps. In addition, The purpose of lighter parts in this build is to reduce the spring weight and overall weight of this car. In contrast, if you are seeking expeditious speeds then your best alternative is to replace your main parts (Chassis, Front bulkhead, shock towers, and caster blocks) With aluminum parts. This will keep your Truck solid and keeping it from reaching lift-off; Ultimately, Drive attentively because RC parts are not sold for a cheap bargain.

In conclusion, this RC is made to handle harsh rough riding, while maintaining equanimity for the purpose of durability!!

  • Specifications
  • Length 15.7 inch
  • Width 9.8 inch
  • Height 6.3 inch
  • Wheelbase 10.8 inch
  • Ground Clearance 1.02 inch
  • Battery 7.2V 1800mAh Ni-Mh
  • Motor 540 Brushed W/ Heat Sink
  • Gear Ration – 8.038:1
  • Pros
    • Top Speed 25mph
    • Intended for beginners
    • Lightweight alloy chassis
    • 4 Wheel-Drive
  • Cons
    • Switching to Reverse is slow


Why Join the RC- Hobby?

Because RC is a very intriguing and thrilling hobby, we highly recommend it. Yes, it has some bumps along the voyage, but it is extremely rewarding down the road of many years of trial and error. One aspect of this hobby that is compared negatively is the Cost… No doubt that this is an inexpensive hobby; in essence, if you work hard at researching and do your due diligence on what brand, car, and suppliers you interact with, then you will not have hole burning in your wallet. Another reason to consider buying an RC car, is that it’s versatile: meaning everyone can join and have a good time, plunging kids off their electronics is becoming quite a tedious lengthy task, but the glimpse of an RC car shredding the dusty hard ground is a sight that most kids jump off the couch to see and tinker with.

  • Improves Basic Skills
    • Driving RC cars will help improve hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and reflexes.
  • Mechanical Knowledge
    • Driving, Repairing, and Maintaining RC cars teach concepts of Gearing, Suspension, Aerodynamics, and the crucial importance of basic maintenance.
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