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How to Start a Youtube Channel!

Today is Wacky Wednesday, At NBT we prefer to make our posts a bit more casual, like Business Casual :).

Hi, my name is Pierce Sanders, today I will be expressing some of my past experiences with YT along with steps you can apply for your own YouTube channel.

1 Be Fearless… Start Small!

Looking into a camera and talking about what you love or trying to explain how to videos take some nerve, but if you’re tired of watching everyone else’s videos and want to share your passion, then snatch a snack, and start your engines!

Cool music video, just like this Picture it all started from one step at a time!

2 Where do I start?

This is a great question, lets jump right in!

Follow the steps down below, and you will see yourself up and running with a channel headed in the right direction.

  • Make a Gmail account, ( Whether you have yahoo, iCloud, AOL, Outlook a Gmail account is important specifically for YouTube in my opinion, since Google created Gmail and owns the Tube as well.
  • Activate your channel ( Go to YouTube and proceed thru the guidelines to activate your channel )
  • Pick your channel art ( Canva is very helpful for this! )
  • Customize your channel ( Takes a bit of time, but worth it! )
  • Upload your first videos ( Upload with Creator Studio, add description, tags and let the magic fly )
  • Create a channel trailer ( This explains to new visitors who you are and what you like to do )
  • Shout about your new channel ( Share your channel, Many social media platforms allow you to post and link your channel to their feed, so you don’t have to manually post your link in all the apps you use. )

3 Challenge theses Questions

Who is your target audience?

Consider the target criteria you’re aiming to reach. Do the users in your market consume video content? Are they on YouTube or do they watch content from other places?

What video assets do you already have?

Using existing material to post or repurpose for your channel can be a great way to launch. Creating your own can help you be more selective about the themes and topics you use.

Tip: It’s a wise move to make a social media content strategy, so you know where your heading before launching your YouTube account.

What are the necessary skills and tools?

YouTube isn’t asking much, they allow you to make videos in several ways, all you need is a webcam or a phone with a decent camera. Another important tool to invest in is a well-built microphone and light ring for live video.

In terms of skills, you have just embarked on a learning journey for which your most important skills are patience, drive, and your best smile.

Picture from Google

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Thank You for checking this post out, we will definitely be adding more, if this post helped you, check out my channel!!

I know you can do this!

Here are three words to remember and apply!

Make Time, Pour in Effort, and be Consistent. Most peoples idea for hoping into Youtube is to make a viral video and make a bunch of money, well not to be blunt, but life just doesn’t work like that.

The ones who grow big all started at the bottom, some may have had better advantages, but it all comes down to those 3 words.

Thank You for stopping by and Stay Tuned for more!

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