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How to start a Lawn-Care Business FAST!!

Hey, are tired of a boring Lugubrious summer making $8 an hour or not even old enough to work a “legal” job at all??

In this post, we dive into how to launch a simple quick, easy, and realistic landscaping business while having a good time adventuring in the life of entrepreneurship.

1 Make a blueprint ( Plan )

If you are a beginner or someone who is needing some help keeping their new startup afloat, then listen up, because this is probably one of the most important steps to this world of Landscaping.

Think, Plan, Launch!

Creating your plan can be just as simple as gathering basic equipment such as ( lawn-mower, edger, bags, and a blower. down below is a quick list!

List of equipment needed to run a profitable LC-B

  • Vehicle
  • Utility Trailer
  • Storage Space
  • Commercial Lawn Mower
  • Trimmers, Edgers, Blowers
  • Spreaders and Sprayers
  • Landscaping Tools

2 Start with some work

This is pretty simple to understand; nevertheless, it is vital to discuss. It would be a lot harder to start a business like landscaping without any ground to lift off from. Meaning it might be quite a struggle to find new clients because of the lack of previous work history along with no references. We strongly advise you to start with work already going!

3 Checkout The Competition

This is fairly self-explanatory, but here is our spin on this statement. It’s far too common for businesses that launch, last a couple of years, and then start to fade out; However, if you plan, think, and observe then we believe you will pull through those first years of laying down the foundation.

Location Location Location, this is a common phrase used in Real Estate, but it’s crucial to remember and apply to your own company!

Remember This 🙂

Quick Tip!

In my city, there have been many businesses that have come and gone during these past years, this is very common and the majority of the time if it not an internal problem, then it’s usually landed itself between a couple of factors, with the bad location being one of them.

Here is a quick summary!

  • Analyze your surrounding competition (Undercut the price if necessary)
  • Listen to the interests of the Customer FIRST (Take care of their yard professionally but at their requests)
  • Work Fast, Clean, and Caring of not only your client but the other neighbors.

4 Manage your Capital

You’re doing great, If the title is a bit confusing, well in this paragraph we will discuss how to manage and offer some solutions to managing your finances accordingly.

The two big questions you might ask are:

  • How much does it cost to start a lawn care business?
  • How much should you charge clients for your lawn care services?

There’s probably not going to be an up or down answer to this, but from the 8 years I have run this business, I can definitely say that Networking is key.

1 The cost of starting this business is fairly low; however, just to give a rough estimate you’re looking probably at 5 to 15k, which includes a truck trailer and equipment.

Don’t forget to Budget!

To trim your initial start-up cost, we advise starting in your own block, and with just the basics (Blower, Edger, and Mower) you can always grow and increase your inventory later because it’s the reputation you are also trying to grow.

2 Estimating price can be quite hard when your new to this game, so we recommend researching first and gathering quotes from your competitors.

If unsure then you can also charge a flat rate per hour, this method is used in the winter when bagging leaves.

5 Consistency and Humility will along way

Well, congrats you made it all the way to the last section of this blog, We would like to leave you on a positive note and advise you in two areas that are easily overlooked.

Whether your cutting grass to solving complex problems in some tech company, one key factor that both require is Consistency.

Success is earned only!

Any company that wants to flourish and succeed must serve quality service or products, so for you, that may be in the areas of starting your prices low and fair, alongside staying consistent in the work that is presented before you.

Make a plan, stick to it, and value your customers always!

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