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Top 5 Best Budget Beginner RC Trucks

Fun reliable toys in 2020 are hard to come by these days, so in this list, we will be providing you the Best Budget Beginner RC trucks for you to mangle with on this hot hot Summer!!!

1 BEZGAR 1:14 Jeep Truck

Does size really matter?

Today we bring you the BEZGAR Jeep Truck, It a decent-sized RC intended for light bashing and beginner-friendly handling along with fast high top speeds. This RC is a champion in price and value, here are the key factors that make this machine able to absorb a beating. The first key component is the Anti Roll, its purpose is to reduce chassis roll while cornering by connecting the left side of the car to the right side. Although this RC may not be that sophisticated; nonetheless, it attains a basic similar feature. We would like to end this paragraph properly by answering the big question above, Does size really matter? well, this can be a very vague and quite tedious question, but to shoot straight to the cow, particularly with this unique build, the size is petite and still outstandingly mighty in power among its fellow RC colleagues.

Small But Mighty!!

  • Specifications
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Speed: 20-25 Km/h
  • Running Time: About 20 minutes at full speed, 20-25 minutes at normal speed
  • Charging Time: About 3 hours
  • Control Distance: 164ft or 50m
  • Charger: USB Charger
  • Car Battery: 6.0V/800mAh rechargeable batteries (included)
  • Remote Battery: 3 x 1.5V AA batteries (NOT included)
  • Pros
    • Develops hands-on coordination of children
    • Service Time is 20 minutes per Battery
    • Top Speed 20 Mph
    • Excels in Sand, Shortgrass or Gravel Road
  • Cons
    • Tires can pop off rims ( Recommend super gluing rubber to the Wheels )
    •  Left axis plastic holder is fragile

(2) 1/10 Legendary RC Monster Truck

If your passion leans into RC Bashing, then pony up for a thrilling informative hands-on experience, The Legendary RC Monster truck is perfect for you to take on your crazy wild adventures.

One isn’t enough!!

Aside from just talking about what comes in the box, one unique part of this machine is the option for dual batteries. It is not common to see this feature on rc cars in general, so the fact that its on this truck for such a low price, is astoundingly good.

  • Specifications
    • Equipped with two Li-Po 7.4v 16oomah Batteries. This RC is unique because it has an extra connector to double the power, instead of just one: Allowing the Truck to run for a solid 30 minutes.
    • Extreme tire scorching action: With two brushed motors, our RC trucks 4×4 offroad waterproof come fully assembled, ready to run straight out of the box. It exceeds speeds up to 𝟯𝟬 𝗺𝗽𝗵.
    • Agile and Sharp design, The Monster truck provides durable, tough oil-filled aluminum shocks and heavy-duty wheels that allow you to drive the Legend RC 4×4 in all terrains like beach, sand, rock or concrete road
  • Pros
    • 2 Speed modes ( High-Low)
    • Extended Run Time Double Battery Connection
    • Led Lights included
    • Wide Province 250 Feet Range 😀
  • Cons
  • Hard to work on 😐
  • Fragile Parts
  • Screw threads not sturdy

(3) Hosim 4WD Universal Truck

  • Specifications
    • 1:16 scale RC cars for all to enjoy, the top speed can reach up to 23mph along with specially designed PVC soft but strong elastic tires for tough rugged roads. The design left and right mode code on the controller, which provides you realistic/impressive racing Experience.
    • 4×4 Drive RC offroad car, the sound anti-collision rigidity makes the RC electric cars possible to drive on any road condition without getting stuck on larger obstacles along the way;
    • The truck functions off a 2.4Ghz system, which provides 262ft of fast, crazy, and most of all longer distance juxtaposed with other brands. Even more, to add is the multiple RC car modes: Witch allows you to play at the same time or race with your kids for more competition.
    • This Beast Machine has a built-in 2 Pack 3.7V/1500mAh Lipo Battery, Up to 15-30 mins after fully charged. Bring your Friends, Family, or even those grumpy neighbors outside to explore the field of hands-on Automotive Ingenuity;

What About Water?

Last but not least, Here joins the IPX4 Waterproof & All Terrain Ability. Most RC’s common denominator is…electric failure meaning you go outside to play with your new toy, just to have it stop moving because a puddle of water gracefully touched your Motor or Worse ESC.

Thanks to IPX4 Semi Water-Proof you can now enjoy donuts in puddles or keep your dog from drinking the nasty curb water that he consistently keeps prancing too when you’re not attentively watching him.

  • Pros
    • Durable Beginner Truck
    • Decent battery lifespan
    • Replacement parts are available
    • Run-time 30/35 minutes
    • Magnetic Carbon brushed motor
    • Quick Acceleration, Top speed 23 mph
  • Cons
    • Lenient towards flipping at the high interval turns
    • Wheel Base could be wider
    • The body shell is fragile

(4) Traxxas Stampede RC Monster Truck

  • Features
  • Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz radio system
  • Monstrous 4-inches of ground clearance
  • Top speed over 30mph*
  • Powerful Titan 12T 550 modified motors with the internal cooling fan
  • High-performance waterproof XL-5 ESC
  • Training Mode™ – 50% Forward / Brake / 50% Reverse (patented)
  • LiPo and NiMH compatible with two-stage low-voltage detection
  • Speed control and receiver are securely screwed to the chassis, This may be overlooked at first, but it’s crucial in the RC world. Most Manufactures cheaply assembly their products, leading them to fall apart under your care after a round of fun. Thanks to Traxxas’s Quality Service/Assembly you can now be done worrying about having to fix or replace parts prematurely.
  • Efficient Magnum 272 three-gear transmission with ball bearings
  • Sealed gearbox protects the transmission with Improved motor
  • guard for extra protection
  • Torque-Control™ slipper clutch system
  • [ Quick Clutch Control ] The slipper-clutch is designed to partially disengage or ‘slip’ when the rear wheel tries to drive the engine faster than it would under deceleration. S-Clutch Disengages until engine and wheel speeds are compatible. The Stampede is set up with an External gear cover to allow fast slipper clutch adjustment, this is extremely convenient.
  • Reliable planetary gear differential
  • Fully adjustable Ultra Shocks™ with X-ring technology, Yet another area of convenience, Basic RC’s and even some hobby-grade RCs do not offer this tool, If you’re on dirt and bumpy terrain then lose ultra shocks would be your best option; nonetheless, If you’re on a hard flat road like surface then Tightening up your suspension will benefit you the most, keeping the RC Low to the ground, Ridgid while allowing Wind piercing top speeds.
  • White powder-coated shock springs feature a responsive spring rate
  • Durable solid camber links eliminate the need for adjustment, Adjusting Camber and Toe Links can be a very monotone tedious task However Your Stampede has been put through many courses of trial and error to ensure the Tough, Warhorse monster truck that Traxxas designed it to be.
  • Captured rod ends won’t pop off for superior durability
  • Talon™ 2.8″ tires are pre-glued on stunning mirror-chrome
  • Performance foam tire inserts

Even Power Is Key

Gears, cogs, metal things whatever you want to call it is fine, but a strong transmission is a key for power delivery, slippage control, and just enjoying your RC car all around; for that reason, Traxxas has designed their core parts like the planetary gear differential and other key tranny components in full-metal coated with white lithium grease to preserve longevity; therefore, You can grind the fire out of your RC without the fear of shredding your internal gears.

Crazy fun But Careful Aswell

Now please be warned the spur gear is a cheaper more fragile gear that is housed outside the tranny, and it can easily be stripped when abused. To prevent any damage make sure your pinion and spur gear are not too close and avoid doing burnouts.

  • Pros
  • Towering 4 IN Center of Ground Clearance
  • Versatile, Durable, Portable, and Waterproof!!!
  • Well-made Transmission
  • Cons ( Needs Upgrades in the following areas )
  • Driveshafts
  • Stock plastic motor mount

(5) ECX Torment Short-Course Truck

Yet Another Great entry-level Truck for you to enjoy, This is the ECX Torment short- course truck. When looking for an RC Ground vehicle it’s important to thoroughly detail the tires. All RC models come equipped with pre-installed tires, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best choice, Thankfully ECX comes stock with long-lasting strong tires ready to open the dry dirt track or blaze down the hot concrete pavement!!

  • Specifications
    • RTR ( Ready to Run), All Components are in one box and ready to be brought to life, Carefully inspected to meet your expectations.
    • 4WD: Drivetrain with sealed gear differentials
    • Pre-installed demon screaming 550-15T motor also This Truck has a 2S LiPo compatible ready ESC (Electronic Speed Control: Its an electronic circuit that controls and regulates the speed of an electric motor; Nonetheless, Bolting acceleration and high top speeds require a stopping source, The ESC also provides reversing of the motor and dynamic braking.
    • Spektrum DX2E 2.4 GHz transmitter and water-proof receiver
    • Powerful Dynamite AC wall charger included
  • Pros
    • Comfortable to Upgrade
    • Stunning Part Durability
    • Top Speed 15 to 20mph
    • Recommend Upgrading Battery to Lectron Pro LiPo
  • Cons
    • Charger needs improvement
    • Motor issues after continuous rough bashing

Why RC Trucks are a smart choice?

Never underestimate an RC truck whether it is a 2wd basic entry-level or advanced well-integrated 4wd pickup.

In this paragraph, we differentiate the key factors in why RC trucks are an intelligent choice. First of all its terrain free; even though, RC drift cars are cool and have an elegant style with fine-tuning capabilities; nonetheless, it will always be an on-road vehicle and will not perform well off-road.

What RC do I choose?

This is why if your unsure what type of RC car you looking for its better to choose one that is compatible regardless of what surface or location you are bashing at. In addition, Many new novices are not in tune with their RC vehicle and tend to give it a rough beating, leading to premature part replacement.


In view of steering you and your wallet away from a headache of bills and parts, we here at NBT highly recommend purchasing an entry-level short course truck, Because, in the event that you are out launching your RC off high jumps or ramming into a tree, These sturdy machines will not let you down and can handle quite a load before malfunctioning; however, we strongly advise you drive with caution and respect your RC’s limits.

Where do I find Parts?

On the positive side, RC parts are now prevailing cheaper, better, and even faster shipping speeds. At NBT we advise starting off with a Truck no more than $200 and a brand that has superb customer service. Here are some solid brands: HPI-Racing, Team Losi, Redcat Racing, Amazon, Tower-Hobbies, Team Integy, Team STRC, and last but not least my favorite Traxxas. Personally I have experienced Traxxas sending me a brand new lipo battery because the one in my drone aged prematurely, they value their customers and never let their success in profit override their loyalty in customer service.

If you made it this far Thank You so much for reading my rant and I wish you all the fun with whatever RC you choose.

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